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CSR and SiRF strong combination to complete the merger

And SiRF Technology Holdings (SiRF) recently announced that, SiRF and CSR wholly-owned subsidiary on June 26, 2009 the formal completion of the merger, set to become a mobile platform to provide a single connection and service providers, and with its business scale and technology and strategic advantages to help customers meet the mobile phone market exciting new opportunities. The merger expands the new company’s development team, and has a strong intellectual property portfolio and a more extensive and industry-leading customer base. Expanded CSR Group customers will be able to connect multiple devices to provide new user experience and positioning technology, including cell phones, personal Navigation Equipment, Car Navigation And remote information processing systems, laptop computers and “Internet of the” mobile Internet devices, digital cameras, game consoles, mobile phone accessories and consumer Electronic Equipment.

CSR JoepvanBeurden CEO said: “Through the combination of CSR and SiRF capabilities with a wide range of technology and platform integration, we have commercial, technical and operational scale, has become a force in the industry and world-class companies to establish CSR and SiRF’s existing customer relationships and provide the next generation of connectivity and positioning products. ”

“Our strategic goal is to meet our common customers on existing and emerging needs of connectivity and positioning technologies. Connection and location of potential applications and advantages of end-user has just seen, our leading positioning technology and connectivity programs combine will further promote these exciting new opportunities. ”

SiRF co-founder, CSR’s newly appointed board member and chief marketing officer KanwarChadha said: “CSR and SiRF companies share a common vision, it is to mainstream consumers and businesses access to wireless connectivity and location advantages of technological innovation, to bring new and exciting user experience, we believe that through this merger, our customers and consumers will benefit from this focus on delivering first-class connectivity and location platform technology, a strong company. ”

CSR co-founder, board member and chief technology officer JamesCollier said: “CSR and SiRF Technology innovation is the foundation for a successful market position, and we look forward to integrating the expertise of the team complement each other, and based on new customers and market demand, our multi-functional platform for RF and system innovations to a new level. ”

For CSR customers, the merger means that CSR and SiRF connection center products increased the most respected and widely used GPS Technology. SiRF to CSR brings a powerful GPS and assisted GPS (A-GPS) intellectual property portfolio, dead reckoning and position of center platform.

SiRF SiRF customers not only benefit from the positioning platform enhancements, cost and design advantages. Benefit from the CSR “connection center” intelligent integration strategy, SiRF customers also can develop industry-leading performance, low cost and small size of the product.

Expanded CSR Group, headquartered in Cambridge, UK, the original SiRF based in San Jose, California headquarters will serve as the CSR’s U.S. headquarters. The combined CSR Group will become the world’s top ten fabless semiconductor vendors. Among them, seven of the world’s top handset manufacturers in 6 is CSR’s customers, in addition to ranking the world’s top five manufacturers of personal navigation device, two top Car Telematics suppliers, and other leading automotive and consumer electronics suppliers.


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