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Banking Operations Manual – The Key To Successful CSR


A banking operations manual serves the same purpose as any business operations manual. It is there to help you get the very best out of each employee. It also helps to ensure that each one knows not only their duties but also the policies, products and how to do things the right way.

A manual is all you will need to train your people effectively. It is cost effective and the items in it will be easier to monitor for compliance. An operations manual should explain every aspect of the job from CSR to secrecy. Using a manual to train the frontline will teach them everything they need to know to sell the products and services offered by your bank.

The manual will also have detailed instructions on how to enter information into the system and if they should forget something they can always count on it to show them how to get back on track. Manuals are great because they are easy to adapt and to amend if needed.

A banking manual should include all the policies that are to be adhered to as well as the procedures that are needed to remain in compliance with all the laws, rules and regulations that govern banking institutions.

Another great aspect of an operations manual is its control procedures in regard to loss prevention. Not only does it set forth cash handling policies it also will train the CSR’s about what to be on the look out for. Things like faking identification cards, phony bills and the current trends in identity theft.

The heart of any banking operations manual has to be the policies and procedures. It is important that the employees understand that there is a distinct difference between the two. The policy covers the goals and directives for the bank. A procedure on the other hand, has to do with the controlled steps needed to make sure the policies are implemented properly. Things like balancing the cash drawers, processing collections or opening a new account. These can all be shown in a step by step process.

Teaching these policies and procedures falls to the senior staff members and it is with an operations manual in hand that this should be done. Never leave it to chance or memory. When new policy is handed down these will have to be included in the current banking operations manual. That is why using a three – ring – binder is the best option it gives the manual room to grow.

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