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Assert Your Business Ethics and Values


By Leanne Hoagland-Smith
The roots of language continue to fascinate me. Assert is one of those words that has been almost corrupted through its modern definition. This word’s origin is Latin and means “to join or to bind” and is a far cry from today’s dictionary or even personal definitions.
With the recent news of the continued lack of demonstration of positive core values by many leaders from the business to the political worlds, there appears to be a lack of joining or binding positive core values to demonstrated behaviors. Imagine what would happen if each of us asserted our values to our behaviors?
During the past year, another colleague and I have worked on asserting the values to specific attributes or talents by using some specific assessments. Additionally when we work with clients, we continually ask what behaviors are demonstrated within the positive core values statement? The articulation of these behaviors also extend to expectations respective to job descriptions and performance appraisals.
For example, the word punctual is in many job descriptions and is even in some values statements through its synonyms of on time, timely, etc. This word could be asserted by being in the building:
• 10 minutes before work time
• But getting coffee at 8:00am and not at the workstation
• And at the workstation at 8:00am
Asserting the values or ethics and beliefs to the behaviors is critical because this action helps to ensure consistency. Inconsistency is probably the greatest challenge any individual or business faces. Maybe this is why continuous improvement plans such as Lean or Six-Sigma have become more and more popular. Even at Four Six-Sigma quality, this translates into 20,000 lost articles of mail every hour to 5,000 incorrect monthly surgical procedures for a major hospital.
Possibly the greatest obstacle to asserting values to behaviors resides within each individual. The commitment to this assertion can be overwhelming. No one wants to point the finger at someone else. Yet, if individuals do not assert the agreed positive core business values and ethics then the results of the past will continue to be manifested.
What this also suggests is each individual may need to become a better self-leader who is more self-aware, more self-regulated and more motivated. For when we can assert the values to the behaviors while our individual behaviors are still emotionally aware of the feelings of others, then those positive core values will remain strong throughout the organization and within each individual. Just imagine the places you or your organization could go through this power choice.
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